About Aura Titan

Hello Viewers, and hello to new friends. Thank you for visiting my art blog. You’re wondering, who is Aura Titan, and what is this blog all about? Well, I’m not anyone famous. I’m simply an artist looking to share my creations with people. I’m not a social media addict, but you will find me on several platforms such as Twitter, here on WordPress, on Instagram, and on Deviant Art.  Not on Facebook though, because Facebook has too many intrusive advertisements.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Aura_Titan

DeviantArt – https://aura-titan.deviantart.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aura_titan/

This blog is all about practice. It is a method for motivating myself and others to create art. You can tell I’m still learning, but through trial and error, and by success or folly, I will refine my skills, (and you’re all coming with me).  If you want to help, consider joining my Patreon campaign for just $1.  It will help immensely!

Most of my artwork will be published here for free, and on the other social media platforms listed above, (but I also have a request section on Patreon if you’re looking for customized work).  I’m pretty good with objects, and with characters. If you’re an artist like me and if you’re looking to add visual assets to your project, look me up on Patreon!

Here’s my Patreon page, and thanks again friends!